We provide you with your own SEO dashboard that tracks your Google rankings and lets you know what search marketing work was performed for your business.  

The dashboard combines all of your online marketing key performance indicators in one place. 

You can finally see exactly what your SEO people are up to! You'll see all the work we're doing, and you'll be able to track progress month-to-month.

How Does it Work?

Monitoring your website on an ongoing basis is grunt work. Using the SEO Dashboard is an easy way to break the routine.

Our SEO Dashboard can be an extremely useful tool for you to guage the return on your SEO invetment and track what we're doing to help your business. You'll have a dedicated SEO team doing monthly work that you can monitor 24/7.

Or just sit back and relax, knowing your SEO is in great hands. You'll receive monthly reports while you bask in the glory of new clients, patients or customers calling your business more often.